The House

Our location at 618 E. Okmulgee in Muskogee, Oklahoma is where we started. Inside are typical rooms you would find in a home and they are open to our customers to enjoy with their coffee! Behind the big yellow house is the Roastery. Inside the roastery is where the coffee is roasted and the cold brew is brewed. This is something unique to locally owned coffee houses.


We offer Lattes, Cappuccinos, Drip Brew, Cold Brew, Pour over and French press.

We have all of the tools needed to prepare coffee the way you like it. We hare happy to make it happen.

Not a fan of Coffee?!!!!!!! We also have tea, smoothies, italian sodas, and steamers (aka hot chocolate).

There is comfortable seating!

Drive - Thru


The downtown

Downtown or 109 N. Main is our newest location. All of our baking is done right there in the heart of Muskogee. Without a drive - thru we have more of an opportunity to offer pour overs, kalitas, and french presses. One of the advantages to being downtown is the opportunity to walk around in your community and shop at the local shops. We are hoping our customers will stop in and grab some coffee and a seat before or after local shopping.


View of Main street.

Friendly service and Conversation.

In walking distance of all downtown amenities.

Fresh Baking Smells!